The Men-Tour Project

1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter. 

Barry Jenkins Ministries is on a "Mission to Men;" to inspire them, to encourage them, to help them reach their full potential. 

Men of all walks of life are saying that this unique message is changing lives across the nation.

The "Men - Tour Project" itself began in 2000.  Its inspiration came at a time when all hope seemed lost, where all defense was gone, and a heart became pliable in His care.

It is not a new doctrine, but sound biblical principles expressed in a way that men can relate to; in a way that reaches them, providing insights and understanding into areas that they are likely longing to conquer.

The message has previously only been shared one-on-one in personal mentor relationships. It is rich with vital information that men will identify with.

Essentially, the “Men - Tour Project” is the forerunner of Barry Jenkins' soon-to-be-released new book, "Mere Masculinity."  Both the book and the tour are designed to complement each other, giving men tools they need to unlock God's blueprint for fullness.

It is not a one-sided message.  It is a message that helps men understand that as they grow, the world around them can grow.

We invite you to request the video, and pray that God will minister to you as you watch. Then watch and listen with expectation. 

Finally, as you are ministered to, share the DVD with your Pastor, Men's Group, and friends. 

Best when used in conjunction with an invitation for the “Men - Tour” to come to your church for a three-day Men's Conference.

The “Men - Tour Project" is available as a single workshop or in multiple sessions for a more complete conference.

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